The 41st MEE (Middle East Electricity) exhibition 2016-04-20

The 41st MEE (Middle East Electricity) exhibition proved a huge success for the Lister Petter Group directors Trevor Modell, Ben Whitmarsh Tony Brimble and Ian Thompson. The senior management team were at MEE showcasing high quality Lister Petter management team were among thousands of other companies attending MEE, where the main focus was on the current developments within diesel engines, electricity and solar energy sector.

As well as highlighting the extensive range of British built diesel engines, Lister Petter introduced the new and improved structure from supply & production right through to the new distribution set up, which has been subject to major restructure this year. With a new modern production facility, Lister diesel engine stock availability is increasing enabling the distribution arm of the business to process orders more efficiently than ever before.

Director Ben Whitmarsh went on to state; “Following Lister Petter company values, Lister Petter Distribution has been built on the Lister Petter legacy but is now firmly focused on building a brighter future for our employees, dealers & customers. So far 2016 has seen a great number of re-orders, (a highlight being a hundred engines being sold in the space of a week!). As a new team we have learnt from past mistakes and are able to offer not only gold standard customer service, but some of the most reliable and territory specific engines on the market.”

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