Lister Petter diesel engines regain strength across the Americas.2016-05-10


Lister-Petter diesel engines are regaining strength across the Americas, with renewed partnerships in 10 Countries across the region already this year, Lister Petter diesel engines are once again the favoured choice for our global clients.

OEMs and Distributors have bared witness to the new and improved product selection, with many locations already taking advantage of the ever improving technological advancements in Lister’s diesel engines. The new Lister-Petter Team's dynamic approach to today's challenges has been key to this new development stage, in this long established brand. With a strong management team driving sales and service forward Lister Petter clients are once again beginning to invest in the globally renowned diesel engines.

The path is set for further development in the region during 2016, with up and coming exciting projects and partnerships.

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