Lister Petter Village generating set provides safe water to East2016-06-16

A newly refurbished Lister Petter Village generator set was installed in the small village of Ndikir, in Eastern Kenya this April. The Lister Petter diesel generator will power the remote villages borehole pump providing safe water to the local community. The project was headed up by Kindfund , a Christian charity that help relieve poverty amongst some of the poorest tribes in Northern Kenya. With the help from Lister Petter’s Village Generator set, Kindfund helped provide Ndiki with an abundant access of safe water.

Read their story below;

“Last week we collected the generator from the engineers in Meru. Later in the week on Sat we travelled to Ndikir and installed the generator. We installed the generator and soon water was flowing. Now the village has a super abundance. God has blessed them with rain giving water in their catchment areas, the solar borehole pump has been replaced and the generator is back in action.”

Village generator set

Kindfund could not have chosen a more practical, simplistic model for the local people of Ndikir. The Village Generator is robust, sustainable and needs only routine maintenance, which can be carried out by local people.

The no frills generator is hand powered, so there is no requirement for external electrics to help charge the unit. Lister Petter have gone back to basics, stripping away unnecessary items to leave a rugged, essential generator perfect for the basic user who just wants power.

For further information on our Village Generator sets please contact your local distributor.

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