Long Running Generator Sets2016-07-20



Lister Petter long running system

One of the biggest problems with telecoms towers or remote location gensets is that they can be sited in the most inconvenient positions. Often in bush, on mountains and islands they can be dangerous, difficult and expensive to visit. In the more extreme case this is performed by helicopter.  A monthly visit is typical and as can be imagined very expensive.

Lubricating oil top up systems have been around for decades but in fact the amount of oil in the engine is still the same as standard increasing in acidity and losing viscosity over a period of time.

The Lister Petter long running system (originally designed for unmanned lightships and navigation buoys) is a different approach, circulating an increased volume of oil, running cooler to maintain perfect running conditions. It’s the perfect solution for Telecoms operators or remote location systems and is capable of running 2000hrs completely unattended or six months in a typical base station.

Strategically deployed, the dramatic reduction in opex ensures a rapid return on investment. Clearly, this enables more towers to be sited nearer the ideal position with less emphasis on the repeated costs of transport.

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