A New Home For Lister Petter2016-07-25

Lister Petter Factory

Lister Petter has completed the relocation to its new base in Gloucester, completing a journey which started two years ago. At that time, the company was operating out of around 15,000m² with a capacity to build 500 engines per week, however, its historic home in Dursley, Gloucester, was required by the Landlords to redevelop for housing.

A plan was conceived which reduced the floor space to 3,600m² which was successfully achieved when the company moved into its temporary base at Aston Down, ‘the Hangar’, in 2014. The regular shape of the building allowed different layouts to be trailed providing the business with the confidence to reduce the floor space still further to 1,800m², without losing capacity, by improving efficiencies and implementing new systems.

The new home of Lister Petter is now at Hardwicke in Gloucester which was built in 2010 and comprise of three interlinked units. The first unit receives the inventory of parts required for production.  Here they are received, washed and stored in high racks or two fully automated ‘Carousels’ which hold around 70,000 lines. Greater use of pre-assembled parts, and preformed trays which contain all the components necessary to complete an engine, down to the last bolt, nut and washer, are then delivered to lineside which ensures that assembly does not start unless it can be finished.

The middle unit is the heart of the facility. The production line has been designed so that each engine can be assembled in four separate stages all being fed with the trays described above. The line accommodates both Alpha and T range engines in succession so that mixed orders can be produced on demand. Finally the engines will be painted and undergo ‘Special Fit’ to finish the engine to the customer’s required specification.

An acoustic panelled facility with primary and secondary fume and heat extraction enables testing of every engine on load banks in the right conditions to our standard test sequence or to those required by our customers. Once completed, there is a final inspection before being packed for despatch. Despite the compact size, the new facility is able to produce up to 175 engines per week on a single shift, with the capability of increasing to Double shift when demand requires it.

The final unit provides space for quality control and Research & Development while at the front is a facility which has been created for use by our customers which includes a showroom, meeting room and reception. Feel free not to just read about it; we welcome visitors too!


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