The Lister Petter Short Block Engine2016-08-02

In any population of generating sets the operator is always faced with the inevitable repair and replacement of engines and generating sets as hours are acquired.

Budgets are always stretched but given the cost of a site down, the vagaries of local repair is an unattractive option and unlikely to restore original performance yet there is a solution in the Lister Petter short-block engine.

The LP shortblock is a new, guaranteed, factory built part engine ready to receive the client’s non wearing parts (flywheel, Radiator etc).  The designer’s sizes, tolerances and fits are all new standard with original performance restored and with a huge saving over the cost of the overhaul components that would otherwise be used. Further – there is no re-bore or regrind to worry about.

One of the massive benefits to any user with the short block system is that the engine does not need to be opened. This means that for many sites the re-build can be done in the field reducing the need to transport the sets to and from sites at additional expense and time!!

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