Lister Petter History

Beginning in 1867, the business went on to become a proud flagship company for the UK - and the major employer of its region.
Its own history reflects the British manufacturing history of inventions, innovations, struggles and achievements of the time.

  • 1867 R A Lister company founded by Robert Ashton Lister.
  • 1893 James B Petter & Sons founded.
  • 1895 First oil engines made by Petters.
  • 1910 Petters Ltd founded.
  • 1929 First diesel engines produced by R A Lister in Dursley.
  • 1986 R A Listers and Petters Ltd merged to form Lister-Petter Ltd

There have been two books published to commemorate Lister Petter’s remarkable part in the story of British industry:

  • Listers - The First 100 Years. A history of the R.A. Lister & Co, first published in 1979.
  • A Path to the Door. A complete history of Petters. Published in 1995.

Since the current owners acquired the business in 2004 the Lister Petter Group has seen unprecedented growth and major reinvestment in its products.

Once the workhorse of the British Empire, the Lister Petter name is now synonymous with quality, reliability and durability all because of the unparalleled performance of the diesel and gas engines the company manufactures. As a company we are proud that we remain true to those values and at all times seek to provide exemplary levels of personalised customer service.