If you work anywhere in the agricultural industry or are a manufacturer of agricultural equipment, you will appreciate the tough simplicity of our products, industry knowledge and skills suited to the needs of your environments. Easy maintenance and operation make our engines and pumpsets ideal where downtime has costly implications.

A world renowned brand for agricultural equipment, our reputation goes back over 100 years with our roots in air-cooled design, followed by our proven water cooled agricultural products. With parts and service packages to ensure longevity of products, 'whole life' costs are highly competitive.
There are few environments as demanding as a construction site, a tough challenge for any product. Lister Petter has engines and packaged products designed to deliver the power you need.

Besides supplying engines to a wide range of construction manufacturers and our own generators and pumpsets, our latest 'must-have' proving popular for construction is the Lister Petter Lighting Tower.

This compact, robust, mobile product is designed to withstand any site conditions it may be required to operate within.
At Lister Petter we understand how the best tools are vital in an emergency response situation. Be it an earthquake, hurricane, flood or fire, our products have reliably helped around the world where and when most needed.

In Disaster Recovery the most important features of any support products are simplicity and reliability for the quickest, most economical solution to a difficult situation.

If you work with emergency response, you know control and security are paramount in any crisis.
We produced our first generating set over 100 years ago and have remained a leading player in the market since that time.

The use of our products in the electricity generation industry has increased significantly in recent years, due to specific design and reliable performance achieved.

Our low speed engines feature heavy flywheels for high torque capability. Our engines have accurate governing to ensuring smooth, trouble free delivery of power in varied load circumstances.
Lister Petter has successfully packaged marine engines renowned for continuous heavy duty operations and for exceptionally long working lives.

We supply marine products for propulsion or auxiliary usage ranging from bobtail units for OEM modifications to fully marinised engines. We have also redesigned our industrial generating set with marine cooling packages.

With proven performance and reliability on the water, Lister Petter creates confidence in the end user.
Across the world where reliability and availability of energy from a central source is variable or non-existent; operators have to provide power using diesel generators.

Lister Petter have tailor developed telecom gensets capable of running for up to 2000 hrs unattended, helping to secure service and reduce the ever rising costs of mobile sites.

In this thriving growth sector, Lister Petter is the backbone for delivering quality service networks.