Parts & Spares

Your Lister Petter engine is precision engineered to give years of outstanding reliability and consistent performance in the most extreme temperatures and conditions. Our reputation for long life rugged engines is supported by our range of genuine Lister Petter parts that enable you to maintain this high standard and performance. Consequently we are still supplying parts for engines made in the 1960’s.

For all enquires and orders please contact the official Lister Petter spare parts division Sleeman & Hawken Ltd. Tel: +44 (0) 1626 778 266 or email:

Beware that inferior copy parts may look the same but small differences add up and inevitably lead to:
• Lack of performance resulting in higher running costs
• Engine failure resulting in expensive repairs and downtime and significantly shorter engine life




Air Filter Assemblies

A selection of standard and Heavy Duty Air Cleaners, either sheet metal or plastic bodied.


A range of belt driven alternators with varying ampere outputs.

Bearings and Thrust Washers

Big end, main and centre crankshaft bearings plus thrust washers

Camshaft Assemblies

Comprising assembly with camshaft and timing gear

Connecting Rods

Machined and balanced con-rods complete with small end bearing


A range of heavy duty, high grade crankshafts suitable for full range of engines

Cylinder Barrels, Blocks and Liners

Air cooled cylinder barrels, water cooled cylinder blocks plus cylinder liners

Cylinder Head Assemblies

Majority of cylinder heads are complete assemblies including all valve gear

Cylinder Head Gaskets

Both air cooled and water cooled cylinder head gaskets


Both standard industrial solid dipsticks and marine flexible type

Drive Belts

Alternator and fan belts

Exhaust Silencers

A range of silencers both for engine and remote mounting

Filter Elements

Oil , air and fuel filter elements to suit all applications

Fuel Filter Assemblies

Complete Fuel Filter assemblies including elements

Fuel Pump Delivery Valves

Delivery valves to suit our range of injectors

Fuel Pump Elements

A range of fuel pump elements to suit our injectors

Fuel Pumps

Pumps to suit all engines from individual flange mounted type to multi cylinder rotary types

Injectors and Nozzles

A selection of both pintle and multi hole nozzles

Joint Sets

Comprehensive sets of all joints required for engine decarbonising and overhaul

Lubricrating Oil Pumps

Both piston and rotary trochoidal types dependant on engine model

Oil Filter Assemblies

Complete Oil Filter assemblies including elements

Oil Seals

Crankshaft and camshaft oil seals

Piston Assemblies

A selection of pistons both standard and oversize complete with ring sets and gudgeon pins

Piston Ring Sets

Ring sets for all engines comprising a selection of firing ring/ compression ring and oil control ring

Rocker Levers

Dependant on engine type either a cast or pressed steel rocker

Starter Motors

A range of various size starters both in 12 and 24 volt configuration

Starting Handles

A selection of clock/anticlockwise – kickback/anti kickback handles for all applications

Valves, Springs and Guides

Both inlet and exhaust valves and also guides and valve springs